300942_10102719594702231_2079715552_nI’ve enjoyed creating art my whole life.  My first love was painting, but I accidentally discovered metalsmithing through my dad- I joined a metalsmithing club mainly to spend time with him, and didn’t realize it would become a passion. It has been wonderful discovering the joy of art-making all over again with new materials.

Some things I like about creating jewelry:

I love the archival quality of jewelry. Working with precious metals and stones that formed in the earth many thousands of years ago gives me peace of mind knowing the materials are durable and the jewelry can survive to be passed down through future generations.

I like working with stones because it has a collaborative element.  It’s not just my vision, but nature that created the stone, and the lapidary artist who chose how to cut and polish it.  All of these things contribute to the finished product and what the person who gives the piece a home appreciates about it.

I like being able to support other artists when selecting stones and also learning about chemistry and geology as a part of the process.  It brings back the joy of rock collecting from childhood.

I like the abstract element of jewelry design. I get to work with and enjoy the elements and principles of design- shape and line and texture and repetition and balance.

I like that jewelry is portable art that can be easily shared.

I like that jewelry can be a conversation starter and is a form of personal expression. I like that it gives the option to add personal style and pizazz to a minimal, simple wardrobe, and is something that can be worn everyday.

I like that jewelry can take on special meaning when given as a gift or worn as an amulet.



I plan to add paintings to this site too, and to paint more and again, but for now they live here: www.jillianlogue.carbonmade.com